The Organization for the empowerment of widows/widowers and orphans of HIV/AIDS is a welfare organization registered(WO-247) with the Ministry of Health and Social Services in July 2005. The organization was officially launching on the 4th November 2005, by Madam Penehupifo Pohamba, the First Lady of the Republic of Namibia, who is the founder member and the Patron of the organization.
The idea of forming this organization, started from the end of the year 2003, as an initiative stimulated by a group of concerned individuals. The main reason to establish such a welfare organization is; to empower them by provide knowledge and skills through various training on projects of their choices and interest for income generating which will enable them to help themselves. This initiative was shared with few friends and colleagues, who happened to concur with this idea. Consequently, they organized themselves and started with planning meeting rotations in their houses as venues. They met twice every week after working hours, and drew up a plan of action.

The aim of this organization is to empower, render assistance and provide support to widows, widowers and orphans of HIV/AIDS, and other vulnerable groups in our society.

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